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Don’t Miss Out! Avoid These Mistakes When Bidding on a Home

Bidding on a Home: The only thing worse than not getting the home you wanted is not getting it because …

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Purchasing a Home Closer to Work: Is It Right For You?

Purchasing a Home: Moving closer to work sounds reasonable but is it actually worth it? That’s what we want to …

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How Identity Theft Affects Your Home Loan Approval

Home Loan Approval: It makes everyone cringe at the mere possibility of it — identity theft. Unfortunately, about 1 in …

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Interest Rates Decrease

Mortgage Co-Borrower: Is It Right For You?

Having a Mortgage co-borrower is a huge deal. And just like any other investment, you’ll want to be absolutely clear …

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The Ultimate Guide to Closing Costs

Closing Costs: Just like when you purchase a car, the listed price of the home does not include the additional …

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Locked vs Floating Mortgage Rate: Which Is Better?

Mortgage rates have been relatively consistent, but don’t let that get you too comfortable. Rates are changing all the time …

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Financial Benefits of Buying a Home in A College Town

Even if you’re done with college or if your children are years away from higher education, there are still many …

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Should You Buy a Fixer-Upper? how To Tell if It’s Right for You

Buying a home that needs significant renovation sounds like a nightmare to some –and a dream come true to others. …

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How to Tell if A Home Is ‘move-In’ Ready

If you’re home shopping, you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “move-in ready” in the property description. But what does …

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Mortgage Mythbusters: First-Time Homebuyer & Edition

Mortgage Mythbusters: Mortgage Mythbusters: Entering the housing market as a newbie can be intimidating. Even more so when you hear …

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The Essentials of Getting a Veteran Home Loan

If you are an active member of the Military, a veteran or a spouse of a member of the armed …

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13 Smart Reasons to Refi Your Home Loan Today

Low-interest rates are the most common reason borrowers refinance but are there other reasons? Yes! There are several beneficial reasons …

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