Family Unit

Can you back out of a home purchase offer after it’s accepted?

Although we don't see this too often, backing out of a home purchase deal that is possible in some instances. ...
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Breaking Down Mortgage Closing Costs

Whether you are buying a home or are refinancing, there are fees required to finalize the loan. We lump all ...
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Uptrend 2020

Real Estate to Lead the Economy in 2020

Sales of new houses probably will jump 12% in 2020 according to Fannie Mae Chief Economist. The U.S. housing market ...
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The Ultimate Home Shopping Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

Are you buying a house for the first time? Not knowing what to expect can make things unnecessarily overwhelming and ...
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Best Choice to Buy

2020 Real Estate Trends: Is It a Good Time To Buy or Sell?

Some of the first things we look at when determining a favorable seller’s and buyer’s market are employment, income, and ...
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