Searching for your new home is not easy.

By using a realtor to help you with your search is very crucial because they have access to a variety of tools along with their experience of real estate market will give you an added advantage. When shopping for a home it is important to find out certain information that might affect your decision in purchasing a particular home. Here are some items that you need to confirm:

  1.  What is the real estate taxes for the current year?
  2.  Does the present tax bill reflect any exceptions?
  3.  Is there an association?
  4. Is there any fees such as application fee, membership fees or capital fund to pay into?
  5. What is the monthly association fee?
  6. Is there any assessments that are to be paid?
  7. Does the association have adequate reserves?
  8. Is there any future building or construction that is going to happen around the new home area?
Most of this information cannot be accessed by you but a real estate agent that can get this information for you. Use their expertise, it’s free. Your assigned real estate agent will reach out to you to find out more particulars that you are looking for to aide in the search for your perfect home.