Purchasing a Home Closer to Work: Is It Right For You?

Purchasing a Home: Moving closer to work sounds reasonable but is it actually worth it? That’s what we want to help you answer with this article. If any of the points below sound like you, then buying a home closer to work may be the best move you could make.

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Will buying a home closer to work save you money?

Sometimes you live out of the immediate work area because of high property values, thinking that it would be less expensive to commute. But the real test is to add up the cost of living, including the mortgage payment, utilities, and property taxes PLUS the cost of the commute. Then compare that to the cost of living closer to work. 

Does that long commute still make sense after crunching the numbers? Sometimes it doesn’t! Even if the cost to live closer is slightly more, the benefit of gaining more hours in your day can make moving worth it. 

Is living close to work essential?

For those that have erratic or on-call hours, moving closer to work could be a great benefit. Even if your hours are scheduled and regular, working 6 days a week takes it’s toll when you have a long commute.

Will moving closer to work increase your quality of living? 

If moving to a new neighborhood, one that is closer to work, will increase your quality of living, then moving may be worth it. Life is so much more than work, right? If moving means that you’ll be able to indulge your hobbies more often, be closer to family, be more involved in your community, or be able to send your kids to a better local school then by all means –buy a new home closer to work!

Will moving closer to work increase your quality of living? 

Some health studies have shown that long commutes could be the equivalent of adding up to 800 calories! And there are health risks associated with long commutes, too. Falling asleep at the wheel, stress, and poor nutrition from snacking in the car are serious reasons to consider buying a home closer to work.

Ready to buy a home closer to work and shorten that commute? Let’s get started!

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