Super Jumbo and Luxury Loans

Super Jumbo and Luxury loan amounts range from $3,000,000 up to $30,000,000 they are generally financed thru Portfolio Lenders. We are not talking about the typical retail bank lenders like PNC, Bank of America, TD Bank, etc. Portfolio Lenders are generally not accessible to the general public.  When we talk about a Portfolio Lender, we mean that this lender uses their own guidelines to underwrite their own specific mortgage product that they offer.  With that being said, they also provide flexibility and common-sense underwriting and are open to different scenarios that cannot be funded by mainstream lenders. Portfolio Lenders are NOT hard money lenders. Also available are “Construction Loans” for the high-valued properties.  Competitve rates.

Program highlights

Lending details

  • Loan amounts up to $30,000,000
  • 90% LTV considered with pledge assets
  • 100% LTV considered with cross collateralization
  • Higher DTI ratios considered
  • Interest only options available
  • Privacy mortgage for the utmost confidentiality
  • Vesting in trust, sub S corporations,LLCs and partnerships allowed
  • Foreign National Lending
  • Qualify with bank statements

Flexible income considerations

With documentation and underwriting approval

  • Capital gains income allowed
  • Business assets used for down payment/reserves
  • Post close liquidity as additional income source
  • Cash loan proceeds used for reserve requirements
  • 1 year tax returns/P&L income calculation considered
  • Maximized net rental income with reduced adjustment calculation (5 or more properties)

All Scenarios Welcomed

From high valued homes to luxury estates, each borrower’s scenario is different, so we take that into account by first asking for the typical standard documentation that is required by the common mainstream loans.  From there, we work backwards for what can be provided or not and then determine the best successful scenario to present to the lender on your behalf.  Our purpose is to present you and your scenario, that can be documented and be seen as a commonsense opportunity that a lender can fund.

Most clients that are engaged with these loans are of high net worth and Privacy is strictly enforced.